Our Story, So Far: 2022 Update

Our Story, So Far: 2022 Update

Pompeak will be turning 5 years old in 2022 and this milestone seems like the perfect opportunity to take a look back at the journey we've taken to get here.

In the 2020 blog “Our story, so far” I explained the reasons for Pompeak’s creation as well as everything up to and including the launch of our Gentlemen’s Collection’s and left a teaser for the launch of our latest collection – the Sub-Aquatic. In this blog, I’ll be updating you on everything that’s happened since – the ups, the downs and everything in between!

Pompeak Founder Dave & Noah

Founders & Brothers - Dave (Left) & Noah (Right)

Before I start, I would like to thank every single person that has supported us on our journey so far: whether you have shared a social media post, left a product review, completed a pre-launch survey, or whether you are one of our amazing customers and Kickstarter backers that have joined our journey and supported our vision. We really would be stuck without you.



The past couple of years have provided us (and the rest of the world) with some unique challenges that have truly tested our ability to adapt.

However, through it all, and thanks to you, we've continued to grow: We've launched two new collections and delivered our watches to hundreds of customers all over the world, we’ve invited the community into our development process with our Pompeak Insiders Facebook group and, of course, adapted to both Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic and the change to the world that this has bought with it.


Our last story update ended by teasing the release of our first dive watch, the Sub-Aquatic. Sticking to our core philosophy we focused on quality first before working to ensure we could release it at the best possible price.

Our efforts didn't go unnoticed and our Swiss powered, 904L dive watch became fully funded within just 24 hours of it's Kickstarter launch!

It didn’t stop there, after listening to backer feedback we opened exclusive options such as red ceramic bezel and decorated Elabore movement options and after 30 days, the project success was official, and production began.

Pompeak Sub-Aquatic Red Ceramic Bezel

In one way or another, Coronavirus has affected almost every citizen of the world over the last 2 years, unfortunately including us. A shutdown, followed by strict control measures implemented throughout our production facilities, slowed production but increased workers safety, something that I'm sure we can all agree, is a fair and necessary trade.

The resulting delays during the Sub-Aquatic production phase ate right through any contingency time, pushing our delivery schedule back a few weeks. During this time we prioritised transparency, ensuring all backers were kept in the loop throughout with continuous and open project updates.

Despite the initial speed bumps, the Sub-Aquatic soon arrived in happy hands with fantastic reviews and has quickly become our most popular range - almost completely selling out in just a few weeks of arrival! 

Pompeak Sub-Aquatic Dive watch

The most popular Waffle and Deep Dive Dial Editions are returning soon and are now available to pre-order with shipping expected Feb 2022 (Accurate at time of writing).

Pompeak Insiders

With our first dive watch sailing through production, it was time to begin brainstorming our next project. Now, we have always appreciated our community as our most valuable team member, but we agreed that we needed a much better way to communicate with you when it comes to development. A way to share ideas and gather feedback on exactly what you want to see in your watches, and what you feel is missing from our concepts and designs, way before any material is cut. 

After much deliberation, the Pompeak Insiders Facebook group was launched.

Pompeak Insiders Cover

This group is dedicated to involving you in our development process, right from the first concepts, all the way to pre-production and future launch. Pompeak Insiders launched in June 2021 and currently over 100 members are helping shape our next timepiece. 

Home sweet home

Our website has changed a lot since the one we launched with, and that's a great thing. We're constantly streamlining our website making things like customer reviews and collection overviews easy to find and adding features like live chat.

Pompeak Website Evolution

Buying a watch online can be a little daunting, so we want to do all we can to reassure visitors that what you see is what you get!

By popular demand, we now also offer Klarna and Lay-Buy at checkout, giving you the choice to split payment over 3 months, completely interest free. Perfect for when you literally cannot wait to get your hands on that new watch!

If you feel there is still something missing from Pompeak.com, please do let us know.

How are we doing?

When Dave and I launched Pompeak, the goal was “to introduce a high quality, fairly priced timepiece to the world”. To date, three collections have made it from concept to reality with this philosophy and we are extremely proud of the feedback received over the years, whether that be from industry voices or from you guys, the customers putting your new watches through their paces.

Pompeak customer reviews

Our products have appeared in publications including GQ, Esquire and Your Average Guy to name a few.

Five years later and I think its fair to say we’ve absolutely smashed our initial goal but we’re not stopping there…

So, what’s next for Pompeak?

Just like in the last “Our Story” blog, we want to give you a teaser of what 2022 has in store:

Well, although full details are yet to be finalised, we've been working with our insiders to develop a stunning range of Swiss powered, automatic dress watches. 

Pompeak future relase teaser

If you'd like to be kept up to date with the launch, be sure to join our mailing list or follow us on socials (Facebook/Instagram).

One last thing.

We say it a lot, but Pompeak really is only here today because of the support we have received from our community. So for every like and share, to each purchase and review - THANKYOU


Thank you for reading, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments or get in touch with any questions via our contact page.
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