The Journey. The Vision.

About Pompeak.

How The Journey Began

Founded by two brothers, we started by designing the watch we wanted to wear and worked on the price from there. Moving away from tradition and keeping quality above all else.

Months of iterations ended with the launch and success of our Debut Kickstarter campaign. Going from strength to strength and with an ever growing network of happy customers, we are now able to proudly introduce our first automatic collection.

This is just the beginning. 

Our Products

By creating the watches we want to wear, we ensure that every decision is made with passion. From the movement and functionality, right down to the material choice.

That's why you'll find sapphire crystal as standard on all of our watches, quick release on all of our leather straps and tracking on all of our shipments. It's all in the details and our worldwide network of happy customers are a testament to that.

We're not saying our watches our perfect, but we try to make each step in the right direction, listening to our customers and reviewers feedback at every opportunity. If you have been a part of our Kickstarter campaigns you'll know exactly what we mean, whether it's the introduction of an automatic collection, or the free upgrade to butterfly deployment clasps with all our latest watches. 

The Vision

We're not here to 'break the industry' or 'start a revolution'. Our goal is to continue to grow into a great British watch brand and we'll work towards that goal step by step until we get there. 
We evolve not only our products, but as team and as a community. 

We are inspired by the stories we see around us every day, so please continue to share your stories with us and the amazing places you have taken our products.

Every day we work to be better than we were yesterday.

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