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Our story, so far.

Founded in 2017 by two brothers, Pompeak is a relatively young British company, but the journey has already been incredible - From connecting with customers all over the world, to seeing our products in British GQ.

With so much happening over the past few years it’s hard to fit it all into one blog post, but let’s give it a go.

The beginning.

It was early 2017 and I was on the market for a new watch but, didn’t want to spend thousands of pounds on something that was going to end up being too valuable to wear every day, something I am sure you can relate to. At the other end of the scale was super cheap but super low quality and poorly built watches that would be lucky to last a year, tempting for the price, but not the best looking and really only a temporary solution.
Somewhere in between is the ‘fashion watch’ bracket, currently crowded with low quality, cleverly marketed watches that have a huge mark up for really quite low end stuff.


Unsatisfied with any of my options I teamed up with my brother Dave and we began the mission to introduce a high quality, fairly priced timepiece to the world.

With my background in finance and Dave’s background in design and engineering we came up our first concepts for the debut collection; ditching standard mineral glass and alloy cases that currently flood the market with premium features like sapphire crystal glass, 316L stainless steel, high quality genuine leather straps and up to 50m water resistance, all while keeping the price tag way under the £200 mark we had aimed for.
After months of testing materials and tweaking the design, we had a great looking watch that was well built and more than fairly priced. It was time to introduce Pompeak to the world.


For us, Kickstarter was the perfect platform for the product launch - not only does it give us a chance to test our product out in the big bad world, it also gives us a chance to get feedback from a fantastic community of early supporters - Just what we needed, and second time round, with our campaign polished up, we did it!
Thanks to the support of our backers, Pompeak went from a vision into a reality.
As the dust settled on a busy couple of months, manufacturing and shipping the first batch of watches, the incredible feedback began to roll in,highlighting the quality of the watch and positivity around our campaign.

There was no way we were stopping there.

The single biggest request we had following the campaign, was to introduce an automatic collection, and we couldn’t be happier to oblige. So, taking the mountain of knowledge gained from our first collection, Dave and I got to work. Continuing to design the watches we want to wear guarantees' that each decision is made with passion and nothing is held back.
After months of brainstorms, designs and iterations, our latest watch was starting to take shape.

Our chosen Japanese automatic movement is subtly, yet boldly, shown through the beautiful open heart of the intricately detailed dial design. Paired with features such as the long lasting Super-LumiNova night glow, 100 metres water resistance and refined material choices, we created a truly sleek yet powerful timepiece, once again for a great price. Our Kickstarter backers thought so too, with over 100 people crowd funding the watch in just 18 days.
At the time of writing, we are in the final stages of production on the Gentlemen’s Collection whilst continuing to ship the Debut Collection worldwide.

So, what’s next for Pompeak?

Well, we are hard at work on our third product: the Sub Aquatic. Drawing on our years of experience to create a stunning dive watch able to survive anything you can throw at it – I may be biased, but trust me, you will not want to miss this.

This is just the beginning.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Pompeak journey so far, we grow more excited by the day to flourish as a company and as a community. Make sure you’re signed up to mailing list below, or follow us @pompeakwatches on social media to stay up to date with all the latest news and exclusive deals.

Thanks for reading.



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