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How To Look After Your Watch

A good watch that’s looked after will last a lifetime. Here's a quick checklist to help you keep yours ticking for years to come.

Know your watch!

This is the single most important ingredient for longevity.

If you’re an active person who isn’t afraid to get wet, make sure your watch isn’t either. Ensure your watch has enough water resistance to handle stormy weather, a swim, a shower or whatever water-based activity you’ll be doing. It sounds obvious but don’t make the mistake of taking your “splash proof” watch to the deep end.

Swimmer with watch on

If you’re wearing your timepiece in a swimming pool or the ocean, rinse it thoroughly as soon as possible, with clean water to wash off any salt or chemicals that may damage any seals around the watch.

Rinsing a Pompeak dive watch

No matter how tough your watch is, the less contact it has with impurities – the better.

Oh, and while we're having a spa day, it’s best to take off your timepiece before heading into a sauna. The extreme heat will take it's toll on those gaskets.


Sweat, grime and everyday use all take their toll on your timepiece, but quick and regular cleans are an easy way to keep it looking day 1 fresh.

First, for ease of access, separate the watch from it's straps.

Next, use a microfiber or chamois cloth to wipe any dirt or dust off the watch case and back. Now use lukewarm (not hot) water and a drop of antibacterial soap to remove any stubborn oils or grease (keep any harsh solutions away from those important seals).

Finally, rinse the watch with clean water, and pat dry.

Pompeak microfiber cloth cleaning watch glass

Repeat this method to clean stainless steel bracelets – we recommend using a soft toothbrush to get between the links.

To clean a leather strap, first give it a wipe with a dry cloth then pat it with a damp one. Apply a small drop of mild or gentle hand soap and scrub both sides of the band. Rinse the cloth and wipe the band clean, before leaving it overnight to air dry.

Brown full grain leather watch strap 21mm

Leather conditioner can be used to prevent cracking and keep your straps baby soft.


The most delicate part of a watch is the movement, particularly in mechanical and automatic watches.

Most manufacturers will recommend services every two to five years depending on the watch, and we highly recommend you stick to that. Exactly how often you should get your timepiece serviced depends on how often and how long its worn, and how its kept when not.

Depending on the watch, services won’t cost the earth, with quartz services starting around £50 and mechanical starting around the £90 mark.

A relatively small fee to keep your watch ticking day in, day out.

Automatic watch disassembly


It goes without saying, but when not wearing your watch, keep it safe.

Leaving a watch one its side or face down can lead to avoidable knocks or scratches. If you don’t have a display case, the box it came will do just fine.

Sub-Aquatic dive watch in box

If your watch has an automatic movement, you may want to consider storing it in a watch winder! 


Lastly - when winding your watch, make sure not to over wind. Most watches take around 40 full turns, as soon as you feel resistance, stop!

To avoid causing unnecessary damage, always take your watch off to wind the movement. 

Click here for our easy how to "wind the movement" video.

Thanks for reading

Hopefully this guide will help you keep you watch looking brand new.

If you have questions, be sure to let us know in the comment or get in touch via our contact page.

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