Thank you for choosing Pompeak and welcome to the Gentlemen’s collection.

Each 40 mm watch in the collection is a work of art, and yours is no different:

From the 316L stainless steel exterior to the Japanese automatic movement. The Swiss Super-LumiNova to the Sapphire crystal glass. Our in-house British design brings it all together, and this guide will help you make the most of your new timepiece from day 1.

The Watch

By now you will have opened the box and seen your new watch. It’s a beauty isn’t it?

  • Pompeak Gentlemen's collection interchangeable full grain leather straps flat lay

The case and metallic parts have been crafted from 316L stainless steel. Often found among diving equipment, we chose this material grade due its impressive strength and corrosion resistance, even in salt water environments.

The watch dial itself has a beautiful Clou De Paris esc pattern, and open-heart design, granting a glimpse into the beating power house of your timepiece. Each swing of the balance wheel a visible release of energy through the escape mechanism allowing the smooth sweep of the second hand to continue.

Sapphire crystal glass on the case front and back ensures supreme scratch resistance while protecting the internals, all while maintaining up to 100m water resistance (10atm).

  • Pompeak Gentlemens collection case and sapphire crystal
  • Pompeak watches Black Guilloche Dial from the gentlemens collection
  • Pompeak Gentlemen's collection sapphire caseback

Our watches are designed to turn heads and built to last.


What is a watch if not a timepiece? The first thing you’ll want to do is set the time.

  1. Simply turn the crown anti-clockwise until you are able to gently pull out to the time setting position.
  2. Turn the crown until the watch reads the appropriate time
  3. Push the crown back in and turn clock-wise until firmly in place (be careful not to over-tighten the crown as this can damage the movement)

Here’s a video explaining the process:

2. Winding the movement

Mechanical watches require no batteries, utilising incredible micro engineering to control the release of energy stored in the mainspring. That does however mean that in order to keep the watch ticking, you’ll need to keep energy in the mainspring.

The Gentlemen’s Collection houses Miyota 82S5 self-winding mechanical movements, meaning that the usual movement of your wrist is enough to keep the watch powered during wear and for up to 42 hours after taking the watch off.

Should your watch run out of power, or to top it up, simply unscrew the crown to the winding position, and turn clockwise – 40 turns will fully wind the movement.

Here’s a video explaining the process:

3. Full grain leather straps

Whether you have chosen the standard or mock croc textured straps, you’ll have made a great choice. Unlike the more common “genuine leather”, full grain leather is the real deal. The best you can get when it comes to leather. Contrary to the name, full grain leather is not grainy in appearance or feel, but has a smooth richness that is only achievable with a cut of full, unaltered hide in its natural form.

Each leather strap is fitted with a quick release pin and butterfly deployment clasp.

Here’s a video explaining the quick release:

4. Stainless Steel Bracelet

Extending the use of 316L stainless steel into the elegant 5 tiered bracelet, down to the butterfly deployment clasp for a subtle touch of class. Whilst these bracelets do not have a quick release design, the pin can be accessed via the underside and released using a spring bar tool

  • Pompeak watches 21mm strainless steel bracelet

5. Lume

From sketching first concepts over a cup of tea, right through prototyping, testing and feedback sessions, all the way up until final designs are agreed; we are constantly iterating and looking for ways to improve our products. The choice of lume supplier was one seemingly minor detail that has completed the perfect look.

It is often the small things that make all the difference.

The Swiss BGW9 Super-LumiNova coatings ensure your watch will dazzle into the night. Chosen over others thanks to its stunning and long lasting blue glow at night whilst avoiding the yellow-ish day time look found in the more traditional C3 lume.

  • Pompeak gentlemens collection watch lume shot day night split

6. Water resistance

The screw down crown helps to hold an airtight seal up to 10 atmospheres of pressure, keeping unwanted dust and moisture out and ensuring you will be safe to show off your new timepiece in the pool or at the beach without the worry of moisture damaging the movement.

Be sure to keep the crown firmly screwed down while around water, and be sure all moisture is gone before unscrewing the crown again (you do not want a rogue droplet running down into the movement or fogging up the underside of the glass).

Should you notice any moisture on the internals, be sure to take the watch to a specialist right away.

  • Pompeak Gentlemens Classic in Water demonstrating 10atm water resistance

7. Caring for Your New Watch

We pride ourselves on creating the watches we want to wear, from the aesthetics to the materials used, and as such, in contrast to the charming exterior, these watches are built to last. There are however always thing’s you can do to keep your automatic watch working as smoothly as possible:

Wind off the wrist

Should you need to wind the watch, it’s best to take it off your wrist first. This minimises any potential strain on the stem (it’s also much easier to wind with two hands).

Keeping moisture out

Moisture, along with dust is a movement’s nemesis. It can easily damage the delicate internals of the mechanical work of art, which is why we’ve ensured 10atm water resistance on this collection. Should you take this watch around water or in a particularly humid environment, be sure to keep the crown firmly screwed down at all times, and ensure all moisture is removed before you unscrew it again to wind or set the time.

Shock and magnets

Whilst the movements are built to resist the effects of both shock and magnetic fields, large sudden shocks may knock the gear train out of sync. Prolonged exposure to strong magnetic fields will also reduce the accuracy of a movement. This falls under general care, but it’s always good practice to look after your watch, no matter how durable.


Just like the mechanics on a car, in order to keep the movement running as smoothly as possible, we recommend that your service your timepiece every 3-5 years. This will include checking, cleaning and oiling of mechanical parts along with checking and replacing gaskets to maintain the water resistance, and can be completed by your local repairman.

If you need help here, please do get in touch.


With no batteries in sight, a mechanical watch is one of the most reliable tools you’ll own. As long as you take care of it, it’ll last for generations.

To ensure you get off on the right foot, your timepiece comes with 2 years warranty. If you have any problems at all, please do get in touch via our website.


Thank you for taking the time to read this quick start guide, hopefully it has answered any questions you may have had.

If you do have any more questions for us, please reach out to us here.

And finally, enjoy your new watch!

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